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Re: debian-multimedia.org considered harmful

Andres Mejia <amejia004@gmail.com> writes:

> Note that Christian Marillat is a Debian Developer. He should be
> subscribed to this list.

There is no requirement that a Debian Developer be subscribed to
debian-devel, only debian-devel-announce.

If I were Christian and saw a thread in debian-devel, even assuming I was
reading it, with a subject header of "X considered harmful," where X is
something that I put a lot of time and energy into, and I was feeling wise
that day and made the right decision on how to invest my time, I would add
a filter rule sending the whole thread to /dev/null and go on with my
life.  If I were feeling foolish, I'd engage instead, but I'd probably
just waste my time and energy.

If someone wanted to do something productive about this, it would look
more like following up on Zack's summary of what would make a useful
disclaimer for the front of debian-multimedia.org, combined with possibly
making a list of packages in d-m.o that are no longer useful because
they've been superseded by packages in Debian proper and which may be good
removal candidates from that archive.  And then bring that up with
Christian directly, and politely.  Some gratitude for taking a legal risk
for Debian users who want to have packages of multimedia software that
Debian cannot distribute directly would be nice too.

I realize that the folks working on multimedia packages in Debian are
probably fairly frustrated at this point by user confusion and misdirected
bug reports, but Christian isn't doing the work he's doing just to make
you angry or your lives difficult, and that work really does serve a
purpose, even if parts of it may be buggy.  It's possible to disagree
without being disagreeable.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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