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[no subject] /usr/lib vs /usr/libexec 5 Minutes of Sperancy 3 Разослать для ВАс? Рассылаем клиентов Реклама в сети. Ещё вопросы Как можно узнать Ваш адрес? Потерялся клиент? Продается участок с домом Нужен клиент [Baghira] :: Re: packages missing from sarge Re: [Comandob] Fwd: Release update: editorial changes to the testing propagation scripts Re: [debian-devel] Is SZALAY Attila MIA? [ Status of kernel-patches in sarge] [Fwd: RFS: eaccelerator - PHP script cacher] RE: [GENERAL] Rekall for Debian ? [help needed] RAID and /dev advice needed [HELP] libldap2 2.1.30 breakage?, guru for needed [offline] June 2nd-6th [PATCH] dpkg: add transparency support to dselect, misc. fixes Re: [Pkg-zope-developers] Re: python-mysqldb in sarge and python2.2 support (for zope-mysqlda) Re: [Pre-RFA] Intending to drop twenty-some packages [Release Notes] Use Woody's or Sarge's aptitude for upgrades? [repost] Policy for Scheme implementations supporting SRFI 22, also virtual packages Re: [WASTE-dev-public] Do not package WASTE! UNAUTHORIZED SOFTWARE [Was: Re: Questions about waste licence and code.] Re: Accepted xrender 0.9.0-1 (i386 source) adduser: what is the difference between --disabled-password and--disabled-login advice sought for fluxbox (release-critical, possible dpkg bug) Against which package should this go? alioth mailing list moderation broken for extended period of time AMD64 non-free archive - the good and the bad Another Bug for ldap APT 0.6 migration -- second status report apt in experimental (Re: APT 0.6 migration -- second status report) asciidoc makes ugly man pags (was: cogito_0.10-1 available) Re: Auslaenderpolitik big usermem kernel patch bootlogd (was: Should Debian use lsb init-functions?) bts ldap interface: future developments ... Bug in Radeon in kernel 2.6.8? Bug Squashing: List of remaining FTBFS bugs for amd64/sarge Bug tracker broken? Bug#241287: ITP: xmms-musepack -- Musepack plugin for XMMS Re: Bug#264069: PHP/WebApp policy/mailing list Re: Bug#271428: mapping unknown timezones Re: Bug#274859: [help needed] RAID and /dev advice needed Re: Bug#288209: O: audio-cd -- Library to handle CDDB and low-level cd io calls Re: Bug#291274: openswan in sarge Bug#294397: I am willing to make this package Re: Bug#302181: need help on #271678 (sizefo struct?) Bug#305753: general: 38 packages still use 'Origin: debian' Bug#307166: RFA: vim-latexsuite -- brings the LaTeX power to Vim Bug#307195: ITP: quesoglc -- Free implementation of SGI's OpenGL Character Renderer (GLC) Bug#307283: ITP: gbk2uni -- GBK to Unicode conversion tool for TeX .out file Bug#307412: ITP: dbxml -- a native XML database Bug#307515: ITP: libchart-strip-perl -- Draw strip chart type graphs. Re: Bug#307570: please provide releasenotes (Re: Release update: editorial changes to the testing propagation scripts) Bug#308047: ITP: gobby -- A collaborative editor Bug#308101: ITP: gstreamer0.8-pitfdll -- DLL/QTX loader plugin for GStreamer Bug#308255: ITP: r-cran-bayesm -- GNU R package for Bayesian inference Bug#308310: ITP: z80asm -- assembler for the Zilog Z80 microprocessor Bug#308319: ITP: kdebluetooth -- KDE Bluetooth Framework Re: Bug#308364: ITP: waste -- Software product and protocol that enables secure distributed communication for small trusted groups of users. Bug#308364: ITP: waste -- Software product and protocol that enables secure distributed communication for small trusted groups of users. Bug#308368: ITP: exo -- Library with extensions for Xfce Bug#308418: ITP: libytnef -- improved decoder for application/ms-tnef attachments Bug#308419: ITP: ytnef -- improved decoder for application/ms-tnef attachments Bug#308429: ITP: libpgp-sign-perl -- Perl module to create detached PGP signatures Bug#308431: ITP: libnews-article-perl -- Perl modules for manipulating Usenet articles Bug#308433: ITP: helpdeco -- decompile Microsoft WinHelp files Bug#308495: general: pmud does not turn off display Bug#308521: ITP: mousepad -- simple Xfce oriented text editor Bug#308533: ITP: gstat -- A program for multivariable geostatistical modelling, prediction and simulation Bug#308725: ITP: dhcpv6 -- a stateful address autoconfiguration protocol for IPv6 Bug#308797: ITP: qtdmm -- GUI for digital multimeter (DMM) Bug#308837: ITP: kfolding -- KDE applet for Folding@home Bug#308873: ITP: mercurial -- scalable distributed SCM Bug#308969: ITP: libcommons-launcher-java -- cross platform java application launcher Bug#309237: ITP: libkbanking -- KDE bindings for AqBanking Bug#309241: ITP: dguitar -- Guitar Pro 3/4 tabs viewer and player Bug#309371: ITP: python-pysqlite2 -- python interface to SQLite Bug#309497: ITP: md5deep -- a cross-platform set of programs to compute MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, or Whirlpool message digests on an arbitrary number of files Bug#309574: ITP: libmath-combinatorics-perl -- Perform combinations and permutations on lists Bug#309575: ITP: libtime-stopwatch-perl -- Use tied scalars as timers Re: Bug#309669: kscope: wishlist bug Bug#309722: ITP: xwc -- lightweight Explorer-like file manager Bug#309723: ITP: webcpp -- configurable utility to convert source code to HTML Bug#309782: ITP: keurocalc -- universal currency converter and calculator Bug#309860: ITP: xfce4-genmon-plugin -- Generic Monitor for the Xfce4 panel Bug#309861: ITP: xfce4-quicklauncher-plugin -- rapid launcher plugin for the Xfce4 panel Bug#309862: ITP: xfce4-cpugraph-plugin -- cpu load grap plugin for the Xfce4 panel Bug#309863: ITP: xfce4-fsguard-plugin -- filesystem monitor plugin for the Xfce4 panel Bug#309910: ITP: kcheckers -- Qt-based checkers boardgame Re: Bug#309922: apt-file should provide sane defaults. Bug#310006: ITP: releaseforge -- alternative to SourceForge's File Release System (FRS) Bug#310019: ITP: fish -- a friendly interactive shell Bug#310044: ITP: proguard -- java class file shrinker, optimizer, and obfuscator Bug#310048: kicker: sometimes eats 100% CPU after logout from KDE Bug#310165: ITP: bkchem -- Python based free chemical drawing program Bug#310194: ITP: schism -- Impulse Tracker clone Bug#310258: ITP: nautilus-open-terminal -- open terminal in any folder from Nautilus Bug#310290: ITP: libccl0 -- Interface to configuration files containing key/value pairs Bug#310518: ITP: gff2ps -- produces PostScript graphical output from GFF-files Bug#310648: ITP: libchemistry-elements-perl -- Perl extension for working with Chemical Elements Bug#310665: ITP: cl-rfc2388 -- an implementation of RFC 2388 in Common Lisp Bug#310708: ITP: nzbgui -- A graphical binary news grabber for nzb files Bug#310887: Sarge doesn't mount scsi harddisks on boot Bug#310910: ITP: ubench -- Unix Benchmark Utility Bug#310920: ITP: haxml -- utilities for using XML documents with Haskell Bug#310937: ITP: timps -- Transparent Instant Messaging Proxy Server Bug#310962: ITP: gcjlib-anttasks -- gcjlib-anttasks is an Ant task for building native shared libraries suitable for use with gcj. Bug#310994: ITP: openttd -- open source clone of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe" Bug#311003: ITP: libsnmp-ruby -- simple network management protocol bindings for ruby Bug#311069: ITP: flyway -- General aviation flight planner Bug#311070: ITP: fplan -- General aviation flight planner Bug#311080: ITP: kball -- game of skill and reflexes for all the family Bug#311104: ITP: kraptor -- Classic shoot 'em up scroller game Bug#311150: ITP: twinkle -- VoIP Softphone Bug#311180: ITP: hurd-trans-unionfs -- unionfs Hurd translator Bug#311214: ITP: auditd -- User space tools for 2.6 kernel SELinux auditing Bug#311215: RFP: gajim -- a GTK Jabber client Bug#311217: ITP: lmc -- lmc is a database utility which retrieves and stores information on video media files Bug#311219: ITP: ipkungfu -- iptables-based Linux firewall Bug#311270: ITP: libtidy-ruby -- Ruby interface to HTML Tidy Library Bug#311271: ITP: samizdat -- Collaboration and open publishing engine Bug#311289: ITP: asedrive3e -- PC/SC driver for Athena smartcard readers (serial/USB) Bug#311321: RFP: redet -- regular expression development and execution tool Bug#311332: ITP: gofax -- Fax solution based on hylafax and LDAP Bug#311333: ITP: gopdc -- Helper Scripts to build up an Samba DC Bug#311348: ITP: ptunnel -- Send TCP traffic over ICMP Bug#311371: ITP: elektra -- A framework to store configuration atoms hierarchically Bug#311373: ITP: wifi-radar -- GUI utility for managing WiFi profiles Bug#311413: ITP: nunit -- Automated testing framework for .NET Bug#311420: ITP: cl-aspectl -- provides aspect orientation for the Common Lisp Object System Bug#311421: ITP: haploview -- [Biology] visualisation of SNP data with linkage disequilibrium Bug#53121: When you get it you don't regret. Bug#53121: yummy teen babe perform dildo & then taking it up the gash. Bug#72140: Much more better than usual, believe me. Bug#78782: no one knew Re: Changes to the weekly WNPP posting cogito_0.10-1 available cogito_0.10-2 available, and request for Sponsor Dark Age of Camelot Support Autoresponse Dear Adrian Bunk, Please hold off a week or two Re: Debian AMD64 Archive Move Debian AMD64 is Debian Debian as living system The last update was on 10:17 GMT Sun May 24. There are 1451 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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