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Re: Debian AMD64 Archive Move

On Friday 06 May 2005 11:22am, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Hi
>  Note: non-free is NOT provided yet. We need to decide what we do with
>  it, as we may be forbidden to distribute some of the software in it (we
> aren't Debian).

Wait a second, if you *aren't* Debian, it should be *easier* for you to 
provide non-free, not harder.  The only problem with non-free is the internal 
politics of Debian.  Ubuntu certainly doesn't have any problem providing 
access to, but not support for, non-free.  If you're having problems that 
even Debian doesn't have, that sounds a little disturbing.  Like you're 
adopting a militant position for the AMD64 port that was even rejected (by 
the vote to keep non-free) in Debian itself?  That's scary.  Just put up 
non-free, and we can eliminate "problem" packages as they are identified, 
rather than keeping ALL of non-free offline until "someone" (who?) is 
"satisfied" (according to what rules?) that non-free is "ok".  If its 
available from Debian's non-free repository then that is *by definition* "ok" 
for us, unless we are just now learning that the AMD64 port is going to take 
a more hostile position against non-DFSG software than even the minority 
within Debian itself?  What gives?

Nvidia users:  you can try getting the nvidia packages from Ubuntu at

deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hoary main restricted universe 

I don't know if they're compatible with Debian, but since Ubuntu still has 
Xfree in their archive too, they *should* be.  I also don't remember which 
section they're in, probably 'restricted' but not sure.  If all else fails, 
we could use their "source" file for the nvidia binary packages, and see if 
that builds for us (its a wrapper around nvidia's package that builds it The 
Debian Way - but I haven't tried it yet).

The best thing is to keep the packages you have now until we find what's going 

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