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Re: Changes to the weekly WNPP posting

Re: Martin Michlmayr in <20050519162850.GA26485@deprecation.cyrius.com>
> I have therefore decided to stop the weekly WNPP summaries to d-d-a
> and instead do the following:
>  - send the weekly posting to debian-wnpp instead of d-d-a
>  - only include new entries

I always read the announcements to look for O or RFAs of packages I
use, hence I appreciate the "only new entries" change. However, from
browsing the debian-wnpp archives, there's a lot more stuff there than
I'm willing to read, so not posting the announcements on a different
list is a regression for me. (Ok, I could procmail it away, but that's
a hack.)

How about posting the announcements to -devel (instead of -d-a)? If
only new entries are included, it wouldn't hurt much for those who are
not interested.

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