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Re: Debian AMD64 Archive Move

Em Qua, 2005-05-11 às 03:07 -0500, Jaime Ochoa Malagón escreveu:
> Hi everybody,


> I'm only have a doubt, if someone make a mirror of the official debian
> (including non-free) and all that packages are ditributed is in danger
> to being sued?

Non-free is only *distributed* by Debian, it's *not* Debian. The
software in there does not comply with the Debian Free Software
Guidelines, so, yes, you can have just about (almost) anything there.

According to the DFSG, for example, permission must *not* be given
specifically to Debian, but again, software in non-free doesn't
necessarily comply with that, so Debian may have the permission to
distribute specific software, while you may not.

That's why you should read the license of every single package from
non-free you deal with before using, redistributing, whatever. Yes, you
may be sued.


Guilherme de S. Pastore (fatalerror)

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