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Bug Squashing: List of remaining FTBFS bugs for amd64/sarge

On 05-May-06 00:24, Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Fri, May 06, 2005 at 08:58:27AM +0200, Andreas Jochens wrote:
> A few things you might want to do with this list here:
> - post it to debian-devel so people can poke through these for the BSP this
>   weekend

The new list of FTBFS bugs will still not be perfect, but here it is.

Thank you to everyone who helped to fix some of the bugs from the 
previous version of this list.

Packages from sarge with build problems on amd64

There are still a few packages in sarge which fail to build on amd64.

Those packages and all their dependencies will be removed from the 
amd64 sarge release unless the problems are fixed and the fixed
version gets accepted into sarge by the release team. (For a very 
limited number of release critical packages, like debian-installer, the 
amd64 porting team may decide to make an exception to this rule and use 
a package version with a minimal patch to make the release possible.)

Please note that many of the problems listed below also occur on 
other architecures.

A '+' after the BTS bug number indicates that a patch is available 
which fixes the problem. A '*' after the BTS bug number indicates 
that there is a fixed version available in the 'unstable' distribution.

Any fixes for the listed bugs and any information regarding the status 
of the bugs will be highly appreciated. 

Especially the packages listed with a proper bug number and a patch 
sign ('+') may be candidates for the Bug Squashing Party this weekend.

Release critical bugs for amd64:

sarge/main/amd64 BTS Bug   Problem description
---------------- -------   ---------------------------------------------------
debian-installer #306976+  libdevmapper1.00 does not exist (should be 1.01)
debian-installer #307306+  Uses kernel 2.6.10 which is not in sarge
syslinux         #306123+  amd64 missing from architecture list and FTBFS

FTBFS bugs for amd64 which have been fixed in sid but not in sarge:

hfsutils         #280310*  missing '#include <errno.h>'
krb4             #175491*  configure does not define HAVE_H_ERRNO
libglademm2.0    #279985*  "$LD" vs. $LD in configure
libhdf4          #251275*  missing amd64 support in hdf/src/hdfi.h
lvm2             #298762*  "device/dev-io.c:342:3: #error miss O_NOATIME"
radiusd-livingst #273629*  missing '#include <errno.h>'

Other FTBFS bugs for sarge/main/amd64:

advi             #307919+  missing Build-Depends on groff-base
amsynth          #274703+  missing '#include <signal.h>' in main.cc
armagetron       -         dh_installchangelogs: command returned error code 11
atari-fdisk      #248794+  amd64 not in architecture list
binutils-h8300-h #251648+  machine `x86_64-pc' not recognized
cbmlink          #207003+  uses i386 specific code
cdrdao           #249634+  x86_64-linux-{cc,gcc}.rul links missing
cfdisk-utf8      #249926+  missing 'defined(__x86_64__)' / not in Arch list
commons-daemon   #      +  x86_64 support missing in Makedefs and configure
elk              -      +  needs workaround for ICE with gcc-3.3
freewnn          #142253+  segfaults during build (same as on ia64 #229390)
ghdl             #276399   ghdl internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
guile-core       #255894+  amd64 missing in UNSUPPORTED_QTHREAD_ARCHS
guile-gnome-plat #304936+  "comparison always false due to limited range..."
heaplayers       -         "*** [allocators] Error 1"
ircd-ircu        #254165+  configure check for res_mkquery fails
k3d              #278966   compilation of expression.cpp does not finish
kmatplot         #286533+  missing -fPIC
libgtk-java      -      +  java.*.NullPointerException/builds without-javadoc
libnss-pgsql     #273800+  should use pthread_mutex_t instead of libc_lock_t
libooc-vo        #164726   "*** [liboo2c_vo@EXEEXT@] Error 1"
libpolyxmass     #303856+  passing arg 5 of `bsearch' from incompatible pointer
licq             -      +  undefined reference to pthread_kill_other_threads_np
linux86          #260647+  elksemu's file format not recognized
lxdoom           #279190+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
masqmail         #254720+  configure check for res_search in -lresolv fails
mindi            -      +  missing amd64 in architecture list
mn-fit           #301509   segmentation fault on 64bit architectures
mondo            -      +  missing amd64 in architecture list
mtr              #254089+  configure check for res_mkquery broken
muddleftpd       #253618   missing -fPIC
mypasswordsafe   #307316+  FTBFS if USER environment variable is not set
nntp             #280278+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
octave-gpc       #307188*  no match for 'operator[]' in '*m["vertices"]'
octaviz          #302688+  cast from 'vtkObjectBase*' to 'int' loses precision
ogre             -         "no matching function for call to ..."
oleo             #287854+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
oo2c             #251577+  missing 64bit-arch handling in debian/rules
perlipq          #278944   links against non-fPIC libipq.a from iptables
pike7.4          -         "*** [build/autodoc.xml] Segmentation fault"
pocketpc-gcc     #301645   "/tmp/ccEpnAHc.s:1046: Error: bignum invalid"
polyxmass-bin    #303865+  FTBFS
rplay            #280274+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
rpvm             #277834   missing shared pvm library/fixed in pvm in sid
rsplib           #305894   No sctplib installation found (/usr/lib/libsctp.a)
sam              #280259+  missing '#include <errno.h>' in libframe/misc.c
snacc            #277690+  '#include <time.h>' missing
socks4-server    #280262+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
tct              #254165+  missing 'defined(x86_64)' and '#include <errno.h>'
vnc4             #276238   "debian/scripts/vars.amd64: No such file"
xfs-xtt          #253544+  "debian/scripts/vars.amd64: No such file"
xppaut           #306173+  missing '#include <errno.h>'

classworlds      #307042+  missing Build-Depends on junit/missing JAVA_HOME
cthugha          #255725   should Build-Depend on libsvga1-dev [amd64 i386]
eagle            #306312+  missing Build-Depends on ia32-libs-dev [amd64]
gpcl             -         newer version from sid needed
rancid           #306311+  missing amd64 in architecture list
sattrack         #306309*  missing Build-Depends on lix11-dev, libxt-dev
snes9x           -      +  ICE with gcc-3.3 (needs gcc >= 3.4)
snes9express     -         "friend declaration requires class-key"
trn              #306318+  missing Build-Depends on bison, libncurses5-dev
ucbmpeg-play     #264438+  missing defined(__x86_64__) in video.h
unicorn          #306322+  missing amd64 in architecture list
xslideshow       #264174*  missing Build-Depends on libxaw7-dev

The following packages need porting and/or bootstrapping for amd64:

firebird2        -         seems to generally support amd64, but FTBFS
fpc              -         New version 1.9.8 available which supports amd64
cmucl            -         ?
etherboot        -      +  needs 'gcc -m32','as --32' and 'ld -melf_i386'
harbour          #276962   FTBFS/hangs on run
mozart           #119583   not 64bit clean/"undefined reference to `free'"
newlib           -
nhc98            -         "OS allocated a heap in high memory (>0x80000000)"
oaklist          -         needs porting (src/emulator/config.h)/Segfaults
openoffice.org   -         not 64bit clean
plex86           -      +  amd64 missing from architecture list
redboot          #152911   "Unknown target amd64"
rtai             -
smlnj            -         not 64bit clean
uclibc           -
valgrind         -         amd64 support planned for next release
wine             -         needs 'gcc -m32' / depends on many 32bit libs
xview            #294844   does not work on amd64

Additionally, the following "Architecture: all" packages from Debian sarge
fail to build from source on amd64:

sarge/main/all   Bug No.   Description
---------------- -------   ---------------------------------------------------
dbishell         #306816+  perl-readline check fails on output redirection
gnome-doc-utils  #306107*  missing Build-Depends
henplus          #306972+  java.lang.NullPointerException/works with sablevm
libhttp-server-simple-per  t/01live.t fails during autobuild
libtool1.4       #247299+  demo-nopic.test has to be skipped on amd64
linda            #307183   test.test_support.TestFailed: errors occurred
modconf          #235068+  needs manual intervention to build
ttthreeparser    -         "[ColumnAST.class] Segmentation fault"
velocity         -         java.lang.NullPointerException

sarge/contrib and non-free/all:
aspectj          #      +  should allow building with j2sdk1.4-{ibm,blackdown}
batik            #306639+  wrong JAVA_HOME_DIRS
bsh              #306597+  Build-Depends on j2sdk1.3 (should be j2sdk1.4)
btools           #306780+  wrong JAVA_HOME
commons-httpclie #306744+  wrong JAVA_HOME/should not use j2sdk1.3
doom-wad-sharewa #260006+  missing Build-Depends on dephelper
dresden-ocl      #306760+  wrong JAVA_HOME_DIRS
figfonts         #306414+  missing Build-Depends on dephelper
filler           #306791+  missing Build-Depends sharutils/double ;;
fop              #306774+  wrong JAVA_HOME_DIRS
forrest          #306288+  JAVA_HOME not set
groovy           -         wrong JAVA_HOME/FTBFS "cannot find symbol"
jakarta-log4j    #306739+  uses 'enum'/does not build with j2sdk1.5
jspwiki          #306793+  missing JAVA_HOME
jswat            #306593+  missing Build-Depends on j2sdk1.4/wrong JAVA_HOME
jta              #306800+  wrong JAVA_HOME
junitperf        #306764+  wrong JAVA_HOME/should use kaffe
libbsf-java      -         java.lang.NullPointerException
libitext-java    #306296*  wrong JAVA_HOME
libjazzy-java    #306767+  wrong JAVA_HOME_DIRS/should not use j2sdk1.3
libjcommon-java  #306636*  debian_patch not executable/wrong JAVA_HOME
libjfreechart-ja -      +  wrong JAVA_HOME
libsaxon-java    #306775*  missing Build-Depends on gjdoc/wrong JAVA_HOME
libstruts1.1-java -     +  java.lang.NullPointerException
libstruts1.2-java -     +  java.lang.NullPointerException
libtoolbar-java  #306779+  wrong JAVA_HOME
libtoolbutton-ja #306776+  wrong JAVA_HOME
libxalan2-java   #306633+  wrong JAVA_HOME_DIRS
libxerces2-j-doc #306804+  wrong JAVA_HOME_DIRS/allow sun-j2sdk1.5
mmix             #260009+  missing Build-Depends on tetex-bin
pja              #306596*  missing Build-Depends on jikes/wrong JAVA_HOME_DIRS
rhdb-explain     #306589+  wrong JAVA_HOME
saxon-catalog    #307211*  Semantic Error/problem with jikes-classpath
tomcat4          -         package org.apache.commons.modeler does not exist

Last update: 2005-05-06 by Andreas Jochens <aj@andaco.de>

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