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Re: Against which package should this go?

Brian May wrote:
>>>>>>"Bernd" == Bernd Eckenfels <ecki@lina.inka.de> writes:
>     Bernd> I think it is a good idea. Even if we dont move to a web
>     Bernd> based system there is no harm to support us web browser
>     Bernd> users a bit :)
>     Bernd> And consider especially the end-user.
> Also consider forwarding bugs to upstream, etc. They may not
> understand our BTS system, or how to access the full details of the
> bug.
> I often mention the URL by entering it manually, but this is
> potentially error prone (one day I suspect I will end up accidently
> cutting & pasting either the wrong bug id, or
> <URL:http://bugs.debian.org.au/123456> or
> <URL:http://bugs.debian.org/#123456>; all of these are wrong).
> The downside though is that this would require the BTS software to
> edit the email message, deal correctly with MIME attachments, etc. I
> think mailing list software does this correctly though(?), so it
> should be possible.
Apparently, (as I mentioned in a previous post) someone came up with
this ages ago: http://bugs.debian.org/9596

It is even tagged with a patch, though that only happened a couple of
months ago.  Hopefully, the fix will be integrated soon.

I don't think that the problem you mention is a bug hurdle, though.
People constantly send signed message to the Debian list and the
mailing list software appends the boilerplate footer to every
message without b0rking the signatures.

> Another option would be to add-yet-another-cool-macro to
> Gnus/the-kitchen-sink... errr.. I mean Gnus/emacs... that somehow does
> the task automatically if
> I-can-remember-the-stupid-sequence-of-keys-I-invent-to-activate-it,
> but I don't have the time or patience to learn that
> awful-programming-language-that-requires-lots-of-nested-brackets... errr... I
> mean LISP... right now. ;-)
Sorry.  I'm not an emacs user :-)

> However, this won't work anyway for people stuck using lesser MUAs
> (e.g. mutt), fake MUAs (e.g. evolution), or worse (e.g. anything
> written by or for Microsoft).
Personally, I use Mozilla Thunderbunny (when will they get a proper
reply-to-list button?  is it that hard?) at home and Horde when I am
at school.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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