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Re: Bug#271428: mapping unknown timezones

also sprach GOTO Masanori <gotom@debian.or.jp> [2005.05.02.0610 +0200]:
> I agreed to Dickopp (you read the standard in detail).  This is the
> implementation dependent behavior.

I never proposed to change the standard. I proposed to make use of
implementation-dependent freedom to implement timezones sensibly.
Right now, I think it's broken.

> If your wish is just for date command, and you did not request to
> change the current libc standard behavior, we can propose other
> fixes.

This was the original proposal, to which your only comment was that
I should read the standard.

> The simplest idea is to use strptime and parse them, and check the
> validity.  Another idea is to create new function tzvalid() that
> inspects the validity of timezone value.  Other idea is date command
> parses /usr/share/timezone directory - it's a bit ugly change, though.

tzvalid() sounds fine. And if the timezone is not valid, a warning
can be issued and GMT used instead.

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