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Re: Bug#310887: Sarge doesn't mount scsi harddisks on boot

reassign 310887 debian-installer
severity 310887 important
retitle 310887 Does not mount non-root partitions before fs check if other drivers required

On Thursday 26 May 2005 21:19, acastan@xtec.net wrote:
> Package: general
> Version: Sarge

Please use a proper package when filing bugs!
A little bit of research could have shown you that either debian-installer or
installation-reports are the proper ones to use. "general" is just being lazy.

Even better would be to use the installation report template:

> Just Sarge try to do an fsck of scsi disks before the device
> exists, and the fsck then fails and Sarge don't mount the scsi
> hard disks.

You can work around this by adding the driver modules required for your scsi
controller in /etc/modules. After that the system should boot normally.

It is something we need to look at in the installer though. I think I've seen
another report that mentioned the same problem.


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