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cogito_0.10-2 available, and request for Sponsor

cogito_0.10-2 is up, it now puts the internal scripts and the shell
library in /usr/share/cogito instead of /usr/lib/cogito.  Thanks to Ben
Finney and Peter Samuelson for cluing me in.

You can get the package here:


The only problem I know of with the package now is the missing manpages.
The upstream people are working feverishly on this, so I want to wait
a week or so and see what they come up with.

I'm a wanna-be new maintainer starting out the New Maintainer process.
I'm looking for a Debian Sponsor to upload this package to the archive.
I'm also looking to have my GPG key signed (I live in Colorado, USA),
and for an Advocate.


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