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Re: Bug#308725: ITP: dhcpv6 -- a stateful address autoconfiguration protocol for IPv6

On 5/12/05, Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org> wrote:
> [Adam M.]
> >   Description     : a stateful address autoconfiguration protocol for IPv6
> >  DHCPv6 is a stateful address autoconfiguration protocol for IPv6, a
> >  counterpart to IPv6 stateless address autoconfiguration protocol.
> Please specify whether your package provides a client, a server, or
> both.  If it's only a client, or only a server, you should probably
> rename the package accordingly (see the DHCPv4-related packages).

This was meant as a ITP: <source package here>

One binary will include the client, and another the server

> It wouldn't hurt to mention that the stateless server is the Debian
> package 'radvd' and doesn't require specific client software other than
> iproute or whatever.

Yes, radvd is the stateless server and the kernel has the "client" for

> >  It can either be used independently or it can coexist with its
> >  counterpart protocol. This protocol uses client/server mode of
> >  operation but can also provide support through a Relay Agent.
> Is the Relay Agent provided by this package as well, or by a separate
> Debian package, or does Debian not have one at all?

I don't think there is one. The sources do have a dhcp6relay.c, but
that is not compiled. The relay agent is in the TODO list. I guess the
Relay Agent should have been lowercase!

- Adam

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