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Re: Debian AMD64 Archive Move

On 10283 March 1977, Ed Cogburn wrote:

>>  Note: non-free is NOT provided yet. We need to decide what we do with
>>  it, as we may be forbidden to distribute some of the software in it (we
>> aren't Debian).
> Wait a second, if you *aren't* Debian, it should be *easier* for you to 
> provide non-free, not harder.

No, not beeing Debian makes it only harder, not easier.
There may be stuff in it with "Yes, Debian is allowed to distribute it"
- which makes it undistributable for anyone else, except he gets the
Or stuff you aren't allowed to built and then distribute or whatever
else some idiot thought about for his license.

> The only problem with non-free is the internal politics of Debian.


> Ubuntu certainly doesn't have any problem providing access to, but not
> support for, non-free.

I dont care what/how they do it. Maybe they analyzed it, or just ignore
it and wait if someone plays law-games with them, i dont know.
I dont want law-games for me or for our mirrors or for the place where
we host the machine, thats not worth the stuff thats in there, so its
not added right away.

> The best thing is to keep the packages you have now until we find what's going 
> on.

Whats going on == someone needs to check it. Thats it.

bye Joerg
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