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Re: [WASTE-dev-public] Do not package WASTE! UNAUTHORIZED SOFTWARE [Was: Re: Questions about waste licence and code.]

Peter Samuelson wrote:

> I know at least one developer on a prominent open source project who
> believes otherwise, and claims to be prepared to revoke their license
> to her code, if they do certain things to piss her off.  Presumably
> this is grounded on the basis of her having received no consideration,
> since it's a bit harder to revoke someone's right to use something they
> bought and paid for.  It is also possible that she's a looney.
That is completely not possible.  Once you offer (and someone accepts)
code under the terms of the GPL, they are for evermore entitled to use
*that* code under the GPL.  About the only thing that can be done is
to quite releasing new versions of the software or release newer
versions under a more restrictive license.  That, or hope everyone
who receives the code violates the GPL (since that is about the only
you lose your rights under it after the fact).

> Yes, I'm aware that if it's possible to revoke the GPL, it fails the
> Tentacles of Evil test, and GPL software would be completely unsuitable
> for any serious deployment.  Note, however, that "but it *can't* be
> that way because if it is, we're all in trouble" is not a very strong
> argument.

But it can't be done, period.

Reference: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html

"In order for these freedoms to be real, they must be irrevocable as
long as you do nothing wrong; if the developer of the software has the
power to revoke the license, without your doing anything to give cause,
the software is not free."


Roberto C. Sanchez

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