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Re: [Fwd: RFS: eaccelerator - PHP script cacher]

[CCd to relevant parties including the eAccelerator developers]

Hi Roberto,

Just a quick update on distributability of Turck-MMCache / eAccelerator:
I've now contacted Jeremy Malcolm of iLaw (who also happens to be a DD!)
and provided him with a brief history of the two projects, and asked him
to provide legal advice on how to proceed. I'm happy to pay for his time
to help sort it out, especially if it results in Debian being able to
distribute eAccelerator.

After an informal chat with him I'm hopeful that given the demise of
TurckSoft it will be possible to relicense the Turck-MMCache code in
eAccelerator to allow it to be linked against PHP, but I'll let you know
the outcome in any case.

Cheers   :-)

Jonathan Oxer
The Debian Universe: Installing, managing and using Debian GNU/Linux

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