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Re: [Release Notes] Use Woody's or Sarge's aptitude for upgrades?

On Wednesday 18 May 2005 02:47, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Is there a difference in packages removed if you run "aptitude install
> aptitude" instead of "aptitude install aptitude dpkg"?  I don't see any
> reason why dpkg needs to be upgraded first, unlike aptitude.

No, makes no real difference. I still need perl to keep my system at least 
somewhat alive.

> If perl needs to be added to the list, I say to just add it.  People
> who have Prio: standard packages missing from their systems probably
> won't want to follow our advise to use aptitude, either.

perl was not missing on my system. It just needed to be upgraded along 
with aptitude because of dependencies (no idea which). That upgrade had 
to be forced by adding it in the install command.
Otherwise perl would be removed, taking half my system with it.

I think we will be getting two kinds of upgrade:
- servers or light desktops that can get by with just upgrading aptitude
- desktops with kde, gnome (from unofficial backports or not) that will
  have to look at the results of 'aptitude install aptitude' and decide if
  anything else is needed; perl probably is a prime candidate

I going to try to rewrite/reorganize chapter 4 of the release notes 
somewhat on Saturday to see if I can make the upgrade instructions a bit 
more organic.

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