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RE: [GENERAL] Rekall for Debian ?

Didi you notice rekall<>recall? :-) :-) What is the correct name anyway?

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Am 2005-05-04 13:31:48, schrieb Devrim GUNDUZ:
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> Hi,
> On Wed, 4 May 2005, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> >does anyone know, whether there is a
> >Debian Package for Rekall or not ?
> There seems so:
> $ apt-cache search rekall
> rekall - graphical database front-end

Strange, I was searching with

    apt-cache showsrc knoda recall kexi

and gotten only results to "knoda" and "kexi"

I have downloaded the Sources.bz2 from SARGE and SID manualy and it
seems recall is not there, which is realy wiered because it is in
the debian/pool for SID and SARGE (two versions).

Searching the Packages.bz2 from SARGE and SID ends in the same resultat.

Need to contackt the PTS/BTS


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