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Re: Against which package should this go?

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> I have recently come to the conclusion that it would be
> nice for messages that are to the BTS and get reflected
> via email have a URL for the bug itself.  I thought I
> would file a wishlist bug for it, but I am not sure
> against which pacakge it should be filed.  Is there a
> BTS package?  Would that be the appropriate place for it?
> -Roberto

Upon second reading, this really doesnt make much sense.
Let me clarify.

If the BTS sends out an email (to -devel, the submitter,
wherever) that is a reflection of a new bug report or
something that was added to a bgu report, a URL should
be included.  That is, if I submit a bug report and it
is assigned #123456 and that report is then sent on to
the maintainer and d-d, then it should have a URL at the
bottom of the form http://bugs.debian.org/123456

Maybe its completely superfluous, but I thought I would
at least bring it up.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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