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Re: Debian AMD64 Archive Move

On 10283 March 1977, Ed Tomlinson wrote:

>> >> Whats going on == someone needs to check it. Thats it.
>> > That was the point made by Ed Cogburn.  Its already been checked in the other
>> > arch!  If this is not the case please explain why.  Without that explanation I am
>> > forced to agree with Ed - the problem are political...  Which is the bane of debian.
>> We are *NOT* Debian, thats all you need to get!
> Ok.  So from what I understand you are worried there are packages that debian can
> distribute but only debian has the permission...


> If this is the case is there not a way you can ask debian to
> distribute just the non free stuff?  ie.  This project builds the
> packages from debian sources, debian hosts the non free stuff on one
> of their servers.

Which will happen with the move of amd64 into the debian archive - but
that wont happen for sarge.

In the meantime someone pointed me to http://nonfree.alioth.debian.org/
where someone already did the work to classify the non-free crap.

Which means that one amd64 guy now needs to sit down, kicking out
anything thats undistributable for us, and then let us include it.
(As *one random* example, distributed-net is undistribtable for us, as
we arent Debian).

*I* wont do it, I have more important things to do. I will only help
with the final import into our archive after someone did the work.

bye Joerg
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