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Re: [HELP] libldap2 2.1.30 breakage?, guru for ld.so needed

* Simon Richter (sjr@debian.org) wrote:
> Stephen Frost schrieb:
> > Completely breaks dlopen()'ings of libldap2.  Don't know if there are
> > any in sarge but don't see any reason to break them if there are.
> dlopen() should handle dependency libs just fine, I think. If dlsym()
> fails because the symbol is actually in another lib, maybe DT_FILTER
> might help.

More ugliness, and it sounds like it's not even clear it'd actually work
in the dlopen()/dlsym() case..  Perhaps if there was actually a problem 
with the symlinks, but I havn't heard of one really with them yet..


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