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Debian as living system

Actually debian has three distro "level": unstable testing and stable.
There are some policy for packages entering in testing but for stable we
must to go "on freeze when ready" and fix all remain rc bugs before
release. With this proposal i want to remove the release concept but we
need some infrastructural changes.

- We must improve and doesn't trash tests made in unstable:

A new upstream package could enter in unstable only if the actual package 
in unstable isn't old more than "testing waiting time"/2 or if the upstream 
release fix some rc bug in the actual package in testing.

- We must to use this same policy adding the normal unstable to testing
policy from testing to stable using a "stable waiting time" that could
be fixed to 30/60/90 days according to the priority (and eventually
section) of the packages.

So we cannot have entering two different packages in stable less than 30
days in the optimal case when also dependency are old enough and rc bugs
free. If a security bugs comes out when a packages is in testing will be
opened an rc bugs in testing or also in unstable if needed. If we have a
security bugs when the package land in stable we fix trough

So we will have a very slowly stable release moving without the needs of
formal freeze and releases: a "living" system.

Official cd are daily (or weekly) rebuilded snapshots of the stable
distro or net installable cd images.

The wiki of to improve the proposal could be find here[1].


[1] http://wiki.debian.net/?LivingSystem

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