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Re: Debian AMD64 Archive Move

On 10285 March 1977, Ed Cogburn wrote:

>> Will you pay us for the work and cover legal fees if any should arise?
> Sure.  Because any rational person knows it won't happen.

Laywers arent rationale.

> Give us one reasonable example of why some one would waste time and
> money to sue the  amd64.debian.net server owner in this matter, when
> they have absolutely nothing to gain, and potentially a lot to LOSE
> if the judge gets angry about the pointlessness of their suit?

With that logic: Why does SCO still exist?

> Yes you can.  That's my point.  Non-free has already been vetted by Debian 
> itself, and we are part of Debian.  Any rational judge will see that, if 
> given evidence by the Debian organization itself (see below).

No we cant. Just get a CLUE, we are *NOT* debian. We are as similar as
one can get, but the Debian stuff is on .d.o hosts.

> user.  I'll bet if you had asked on d.d you could have quickly put together a 
> list of 30 - 50 packages which were ok.  So why nothing in over a week?  Are 
> you holding up all of non-free just because of 1 package?

No. Because of all the crap that is in there and because WE HAVE MORE
IMPORTANT THINGS TODO - which includes reading crap from someone who
just trolls on lists and not does any work for it.

> And what is the point?  We are Debian.  It doesn't matter which server we're 
> on.

We arent, get a clue.

> Hogwash again.  We aren't talking about *release* dates, Goswin, we're only 
> talking about how long it takes before debian.org is ready to move the amd64 
> port onto it.  Once sarge is out, everybody can get back to moving *forward*, 
> as opposed to running in place right now, which means the ftpmasters of 
> debian.org can do what they need to do to make room for pure64 *Sid*, and 
> move it over so we get synced up as Etch.  Sarge can stay where it is, that's 
> not the issue.  Getting the *next* Debian AMD64 port onto debian.org is not 
> going to take 3 years.

Hell, please go and read what amd64.d.n is and you would see what a mess
you just wrote. amd64.d.n will exist as long as Sarge is there.

And actually there was one who just went over the non-free crap, looking
at the licenses, giving us something to work with.
If non-free is so important for you - why did you wasted time writing
such mails and havent done that work yourself?

Thats my last mail in this thread, I have more important things todo.

bye Joerg
Some AM after a mistake:
Sigh.  One shouldn't AM in the early AM, as it were.  <grin>

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