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Re: Changes to the weekly WNPP posting

* Ben Armstrong 

| > How about posting the announcements to -devel (instead of -d-a)? If
| > only new entries are included, it wouldn't hurt much for those who are
| > not interested.
| I'd like to see them continue on -d-a.  There are times when I just
| can't handle -devel and unsub completely.  They really don't add up to
| much traffic, and the "new entries only" change should help bring back
| some people to doing regular reviews that they had developed a
| resistance to doing due to having to wade through too many old entries
| to see the new ones.

FWIW, «me too».  I'd hate to see the listing go away completely, but
trimming it to only show new entries might be a good idea.

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