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Re: cogito_0.10-1 available

Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org> wrote:
] [Sebastian Kuzminsky]
] > Before 0.10, the upstream installed both the binaries (actually shell
] > scripts) and the shell libraries in /usr/bin.  Starting with 0.10,
] > the shell libraries are moved to /usr/lib/cogito.
] Correct, except that it should be /usr/share/cogito/.

The FHS describes /usr/share as "architecture-independent data", and gives
examples like sound files and icons; this conflicts with executable code
in my mind.

However, packages like quilt and lintian put a bunch of executable code
there (internal scripts and script libraries).

Putting the internal scripts and shell libraries in /usr/lib/cogito
would mirror packages like base-config and pbuilder.

Seems like a somewhat fuzzy distinction to me.  I'll be happy to move
it to /usr/share if that's The Thing To Do(tm).


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