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Re: [Baghira] :: Re: packages missing from sarge

Vadim Petrunin wrote:
> Sorry, but looks like there is no rc bugs in the "baghira" package.
> There was only one bug "Serious policy violations" but it is resolved now.
> Why it is out of release?

As you can see in update-excuses:

baghira (- to 0.6f-1)
    Maintainer: Jose Luis Tallon 
    Too young, only 2 of 5 days old
    Not touching package, as requested by freeze (contact debian-release if update is needed)
    Not considered
    Depends: baghira kdelibs (not considered)

The new kdelibs is actually on its way into testing (missing an m68k build
ATM). After that point and once it's 5 days old, it would only need an
approval by debian-release to get back in.

see shy jo

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