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Re: Debian as living system

In article <[🔎] 1116380073.4362.2.camel@atlantide> you wrote:
> - We must improve and doesn't trash tests made in unstable:

Why do we need to do that? A package which is clearly  improved or outdated
does not need any testing.

> - We must to use this same policy adding the normal unstable to testing
> policy from testing to stable using a "stable waiting time" that could
> be fixed to 30/60/90 days according to the priority (and eventually
> section) of the packages.

We dont change stable, this does not work you can only test the system as a

> So we cannot have entering two different packages in stable less than 30
> days

sure we can.

> So we will have a very slowly stable release moving without the needs of
> formal freeze and releases: a "living" system.

Kind of cancer?

> Official cd are daily (or weekly) rebuilded snapshots of the stable
> distro or net installable cd images.

And you cant do QA nur security update, create additional mirror load on
stable and kill cd distributors.

I think you can do that for non-core packages like bsd packages, but the
base system must be released as a whole.


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