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Re: Debian as living system


I agree that the previous mail was not very easy to read, nor written in a 
great english. But I don't think that being fluent in english should be a 
requirement to be treated nicely on a development list... You are lucky 
enough to have this language as your mother tongue, consider this is not the 
case of most people, and that expressing oneself on a technical subject in a 
second language is not an easy thing. I hope you don't have to be treated 
this way if one day english comes to not be the main language used for 
development anymore.


Le Mercredi 18 Mai 2005 15:39, Andrew Suffield a écrit :
> Your mail was borderline incomprehensible and certainly not worth the
> effort it would have required for me to read it. Go and eat a
> dictionary.

Raphaël Pinson - raphink@ichthux.org
http://www.ichthux.org - Christian Linux Distribution

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