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Re: [Release Notes] Use Woody's or Sarge's aptitude for upgrades?

On Mon, May 16, 2005 at 05:58:24PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> Short version:
> Should users first upgrade dpkg and aptitude before upgrading the rest of 
> the system or can the upgrade safely be done using Woody's version of the 
> package tools?
> Long version:
> The current version of the release notes tells users to (simplified):
> 1. apt-get install aptitude
> 2. change the /etc/apt/sources.list to point to "stable"
> 3. aptitude update
> 4. aptitude -f --with-recommends dist-upgrade
> Step 1. is meant to install the Woody version of aptitude, but of course 
> it will not if the sources.list already points to "stable" and the user 
> has already done an 'apt-get update'.
> There have of course been improvements in Sarges version of aptitude. Also 
> I wonder if upgrading the packaging tools as part of the dist-upgrade 
> could in itself be a source of problems.
> Therefore the question if it would be better to change the procedure to:
> 1. change the /etc/apt/sources.list to point to "stable"
> 2. apt-get update
> 3. apt-get install aptitude dpkg
> 4. aptitude -f --with-recommends dist-upgrade
> ???????
> I have done an upgrade myself a while back using the second method [1] and 
> noticed:
> - 'apt-get install aptitude' does _not_ upgrade dpkg automatically;
>   as it seemed to me better to have all package tools from the same
>   version, I upgraded both aptitude and dpkg before continuing with the
>   rest of the upgrade;
> - in my test upgrading aptitude and dpkg also upgraded the following:
>     apt apt-utils aptitude debconf debconf-utils debhelper dpkg dpkg-dev 
>     libc6 libc6-dev libdbd-mysql-perl libdbi-perl libgcc1 libncurses5 
>     libncurses5-dev libpopt0 locales perl perl-base perl-modules whiptail 
>     zlib1g
>   and installed:
>     debconf-i18n dselect gcc-3.3-base gettext intltool-debian
>     libdb1-compat libdb4.2 libgdbm3 liblocale-gettext-perl
>     libnet-daemon-perl libnewt0.51 libplrpc-perl libsigc++-1.2-5c102
>     libstdc++5 libtext-charwidth-perl libtext-iconv-perl
>     libtext-wrapi18n-perl linux-kernel-headers po-debconf slang1a-utf8
>   I understand that for some arches (hppa) this may necessitate upgrading
>   the kernel first.
> Comments very, very welcome.

<--  snip  -->

# apt-get install aptitude dpkg
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  cyrus-imapd wine 
[answer n]
# apt-get install aptitude dpkg cyrus-imapd wine
The following packages will be REMOVED:
[answer n]
# apt-get install aptitude dpkg cyrus-imapd wine autoconf2.13 
[nothing to be removed]

<--  snip  -->

OTOH, at least in the woody installation I tried this,
"aptitude -f --with-recommends dist-upgrade" works fine.

It seems aptitude in woody has a better Conflicts handling than apt in 
woody making the first step easier for users.

> Cheers,
> Frans Pop
> [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2004/11/msg00105.html



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