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[no subject] ! VIRUS VO VASEJ POSTE/VIRUS IN YOUR MAIL Re: "non-free" installer packages in our supposedly Free sections. Re: "non-free" software included in contrib "Single point of entry" for translation work? (forw) How to deal with debconf translations and templates (Too?) many TCL versions in the archive .au / 1st stop Perth 16.9-20.9.2003 Re: .iso conflict, discussion of resolution Re: /etc/shells management /var/run and scripts 172173 -- give a reason for closing it in the changelog <RZB-VirusCheck: VIRUS detected> @variables@ in debian/ scripts [Auto-Reply] Your details Re: [ Re: Fwd: Processing offerret_3.0-2_i386.changes] Re: [ Re: Fwd: Processing of ferret_3.0-2_i386.changes] Re: [ Re: Fwd: Processing of ferret_3.0-2_i386.changes] Re: [ Re: Fwd: Processing of ferret_3.0-2_i386.changes] Re: [debian-i18n] i18n of man-db improved; please test [EVEN MORE OFFTOPIC] Re: /etc/shells management [Fwd: False Representation at] [HELP] Need help with kernel dependencies [OFF TOPIC] Re: autoconf and setting prefix [OT] American version of Harry Potter (Was: Debian should not modify the kernels!) [OT] Bible sayings (was: Re: virus) Re: [OT] Virus W32/Swen@MM spreading... [PATCH] 2.2 kernel bug in utimes() and its results (m4 FTBFS, coreutils breakage, etc.) [resending after exim lost some mails] Re: Compile treetool on Alpha [RESOLVED] Compiling nForce drivers [ruby] default version of ruby is 1.8.0 (Re: ruby-defaults 1.8.0) [ruby] SURVEY: which ruby module packages should support both ruby1.6 and ruby1.8? [VACATION] .au Adelaide 20.9 (Today) & 22.9 [VACATION] .au Sydney 29.9(Today)/30.9 About mass bug filling: Bug#X: The package description does not follow Debian policy Re: Accepted galeon (i386 source) Re: Accepted mini-dinstall 0.6.8 (all source) Re: Accepted openssh 1:3.4p1-1.woody.2 (source) Re: Accepted openssh-krb5 3.4p1-0woody3 (source) Accepted pydance 0.8.1-1 (all source) Re: Accepted sendmail 8.12.10-1 (i386 source all) alevt: Looking for new maintainer alsa-tools AMENIZAMOS TODO TIPO DE EVENTOS Any chance to get Debian-Med added to tasksel? apt-get and dpkg have a problem installing packets apt-get internals help apt-get upgrade does not upgrade openssh because of name ordering apt-get'able Release file format apt-proxy/wget/squid caches file indefinitely auric down? authen sasl autoconf and setting prefix automated response Automatic response to your mail bitmap vectorizers Re: Bits from the BTS Re: Bits from the RM boot problem : snort starts too soon booting problems after installing lm-sensors kernel modules from sid / can't mount root fs Re: Bug #47039: renaming slang. Bug 70132 (on atari-fdisk) Bug in cron postinst bug report #208857 disappeard ? Re: Bug#122188: ssh: ssh should start earlier Bug#141179: marked as done (rcconf should depend on whiptail-provider instead of whiptail) Bug#144053: marked as done (rcconf: Rcconf does not clean up after exiting (when running as normal user)) Bug#144560: marked as done (rcconf: claims it works with file-rc but conflicts with it) Bug#147047: marked as done (libjcode-pm-perl: new upstream version) Bug#151968: marked as done (Copyright file points to the wrong location (patch enclosed)) Bug#166518: marked as done (rcconf conflicts with file-rc but its description tells it is compatible with file-rc) Bug#168414: marked as done (rcconf works with file-rc <> Conflicts: file-rc) Re: Bug#192101: We need gnucash in stable Bug#198158: DONATION FOR THE LORD. Bug#198158: marked as done (architecture i386 isn't i386 anymore) Bug#198158: Oops Bug#208204: ITP: libuniversal-moniker-perl -- Nicer names for your Perl modules/classes Bug#208218: ITP: nagios-plugins -- Plugins for the nagios network monitoring and management system Bug#208228: ITP: svn-devscripts -- Scripts that help to maintain Debian packages in a Subversion repository Bug#208313: RFA: alsa-xmms -- ALSA 0.9 output plugin for XMMS Bug#208339: ITP: greed - A UNIX-hosted, curses-based clone of the DOS freeware game Greed Bug#208405: ITP: ldap-account-manager -- LDAP Account Manager (LAM) manages Unix and Samba accounts in a LDAP directory. Bug#208406: ITP: ldap-account-manager -- LDAP Account Manager (LAM) manages Unix and Samba accounts in a LDAP directory. Bug#208412: ITP: xmms-rplay -- RPlay Output Plugin for XMMS Bug#208446: ITP: guile-db -- Berkeley DB module for Guile Bug#208463: ITP: tla-load-dirs -- Import upstream archives into tla/arch Bug#208502: ITP: sgml-spell-checker -- spell checker for SGML documents Re: Bug#208508: bitmap vectorizers Bug#208508: ITP: potrace -- utility to transform bitmaps into vector graphics Bug#208522: ITP: sneps -- Semantic Network Processsing System Bug#208544: new upstream version Bug#208560: ITP: pc300 -- utilities for configuring the Cyclades PC300 synchronous PCI adapters Bug#208566: ITP: x25-utils -- utilities to configure X.25 networks Bug#208620: ITP: freeradius -- a high-performance and highly configurable RADIUS server Bug#208692: ITP: picprog -- Microchip PIC microcontroller programmer software Bug#208830: ITP: sage -- Supports OpenGL in SDL application Bug#208865: ITP: inti-sourceview -- gtksourceview bindings for Inti Bug#209058: ITP: gnome-blog -- GNOME applet to post to BloggerAPI weblogs Bug#209092: ITP: bsfilter - Bayesian spam filter Re: Bug#209116: exim daemon does not restart after last two security upgrades Bug#209124: ITP: nrpe -- Program to execute Nagios plugins in a remote host Bug#209178: ITP: jamin -- Audio mastering from a mixed down multitrack source with JACK Bug#209214: ITP: hbf -- A 3D real time strategy game based in an Heroic Fantasy realm with different races Bug#209257: debian menu system and capital letters Bug#209298: ITP: musiclibrarian -- Music tagging and categorization software Bug#209349: ITP: libnet-ip-perl -- Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses Bug#209373: ITP: comparator -- A program for quickly finding common sections in source trees Bug#209404: ITP: rubyfilter -- A mail filtering library (and sample scripts) for Ruby. Re: Bug#209693: The package description does not follow Debian policy Re: Bug#209693: The package description does not follow Debian policy Bug#210172: ITP: libmail-verify-perl -- Utility to verify an email address Bug#210243: ITP: xspringies -- Interactive 2D mass/spring simulation system for X Bug#210405: RFA: nullmailer Re: Bug#210650: libxine1: libraries not correctly linked Bug#210656: ITP: noip -- Dynamic DNS support using's service Bug#210660: ITP: wondershaper -- A simplified traffic shaping script Bug#210662: ITP: libemail-find-perl -- Perl module to find RFC 822 email addresses in arbitrary text Bug#210666: ITP: libdscaler - Video deinterlacer plugins from the DScaler project Re: Bug#210779: libtunepimp1: give me the license Bug#210874: ITP: uim -- simple, secure, and flexible input method collection and library Bug#210877: ITP: canna-chasendic -- a Japanese dictionary for ChaSen derived from Canna dictionary Bug#210887: ITP: sumika -- A management utility for dictionaries for input methods Bug#210905: ITP: mlview -- An xml editor for GNOME environment Bug#211014: initscripts: Do not remove /var/un/ Bug#211030: ITP: pupa -- the next generation of GNU GRUB Bug#211070: ITP: libjazzy-java -- spell checker java library Re: Bug#211118: ITP: php-gtk -- PHP extension for Bug#211118: ITP: php-gtk -- PHP extension for GTK+ client-side cross-platform GUI apps. -- PHP-GTK: PHP language bindings for GTK+ toolkit. PHP-GTK is a PHP extension that enables you to write client-side cross-platform GUI applications. This is the first such extension of this kind and one of the goals behind it was to prove that PHP is a capable general-purpose scripting language that is suited for more than just Web applications. This extension will _not_ allow you to display GTK+ programs in a Web browser, and can be used in the Web environment only if you are running the webserver locally. It is intended for creating standalone GUI applications. Bug#211120: ITP: gnat-gdb -- Ada-aware version of GDB Bug#211121: ITP: gnat-gps -- The GNAT Programming System - advanced IDE for C and Ada Bug#211123: ITP: libgtkada2 -- Ada 95 bindings to GTK+ 2.x Bug#211124: ITP: libflorist-3.15p-1 -- POSIX.5 Ada interface to operating system services Bug#211194: ITP: libsaxpath-java -- Java XPath engine for use on a variety of XML object models Re: Bug#211206: argouml: Cannot install version 0.14-1 Bug#211213: grsecurity 1.9.12 for debian kernel 2.4.22 Bug#211253: ITP: SETIcon -- Non-cluttering console program for tracking multiple SETI@Home clients Bug#211283: ITP: python-xmms -- Control XMMS from a Python program Bug#211337: ITP: libdata-sorting-perl -- Multi-key sort using function results Bug#211347: ITP: crywrap -- Simple TCP service encryption using TLS/SSL Bug#211364: ITP: libnet-xwhois-perl -- Whois Client Interface for Perl5 Bug#211429: ITP: pennmush -- The PennMUSH mush server Bug#211484: ITP: liferea -- Simple FeedReader clone for GNU/Linux GNOME2 Bug#211512: RFA: kernel-patch-lpp -- Display a graphical boot-screen with progress bar Bug#211538: ITP: camsource -- a modularized and multithreaded webcam-streaming software Bug#211544: RFP: yaws -- Yet Another Web Server Bug#211694: ITP: libtoolbutton-java -- extension of java swing component JButton Bug#211695: ITP: libtoolbar-java -- extension of java swing component JToolBar Bug#211721: ITP: imms -- Unobtrusive, automatic, and learning XMMS playlist manager Re: Bug#211784: Not just nis... Bug#211973: ITP: libnss-mysql-bg -- Alternate NSS library for MySQL Bug#211976: ITP: suphp -- Apache module to run php scripts with their owners permissions Bug#211991: ITP: libcamomile-ocaml-dev -- Unicode for OCaml Bug#211996: ITP: liblivejournal-perl -- Perl implementation of the LiveJournal protocol Bug#212028: ANTIVIRUS LA REGION - Virus encontrado (RECIPIENT)! Bug#212028: apt-cache uses "dependency" backards Bug#212046: ITP: libiox-ocaml-dev -- Framework for concurrent single-threaded network applications in OCaml Bug#212049: "dependency" used backwards Bug#212049: ANTIVIRUS LA REGION - Virus encontrado (RECIPIENT)! Bug#212137: ITP: trm -- calculate the TRM acoustic fingerprint for an audio file Bug#212399: ITP: libdate-leapyear-perl -- Simple module to determine whether or not a year is a leapyear Bug#212439: ITP: libdate-ical-perl -- Perl extension for ICalendar date objects Re: Bug#212525: Package contains non-free GNU FDL material Bug#212632: ITP: libtest-warn-perl -- Perl extension to test methods for warnings Bug#212676: ITP: ulex -- OCaml lexer generator with Unicode support Bug#212704: ITP: inti-gl -- GtkGLExt bindings for Inti Bug#212729: ITP: gtkatlantic -- game like monopoly Bug#212740: ITP: irate -- Collaborative filtering mp3 downloader & player Bug#212807: ITP: cvsreport -- Extract activity reports from a CVS repository Bug#212914: ITP: arptables -- ARP table administration Bug#212924: ITP: amule -- aNOTHER eMule P2P Client ... Bug#212988: ITP: turck-mmcache -- Precompiler and cache to improve performance of PHP scripts Bug#213025: ITP: animals-game -- Simple animals guessing game Bug#213045: ITP: astats -- Stats for aMule Bug#213127: ITP: extlib -- extended standard library for OCaml Bug#213149: ITP: libhtml-template-associate-perl -- Helps use HTML::Template in conjunction with other modules Bug#213183: ITP: cabber -- Easy and basic jabber console client Bug#213187: ITP: cabber -- Easy and basic jabber console client Bug#213223: ITP: ogg-vorbis-header-perl -- An interface to Ogg Vorbis information and comments Bug#213348: developers-reference: Binary-only NMU and dependencies Bug#213353: ITP: python-ctypes -- python package to create and manipulate C data types Bug#213361: ITP: kbtin -- A text-based MUD client The last update was on 15:23 GMT Tue Jul 16. There are 1573 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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