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Re: [cjwatson@debian.org: Re: Fwd: Processing of ferret_3.0-2_i386.changes]

> Brian White <bcwhite@pobox.com> wrote:
> [...]
> > I've avoided changing to OpenSSH at home because I'm unsure how to
> > convert the keys from the SSH2 format to the OpenSSH format.
> [...]
> Afaict ssh-keygen from OpenSSH can do that:
> -i      This option will read an unencrypted private (or public) key file
>         in SSH2-compatible format and print an OpenSSH compatible private
>         (or public) key to stdout.  ssh-keygen also reads the `SECSH
>         Public Key File Format'.  This option allows importing keys from
>         several commercial SSH implementations.
> "unencrypted" probably refers to "empty passphrase".
>            cu andreas

Thanks for the tip!  I figured it was probably available somewhere; I just
hadn't had a chance to really go looking.

There's still the problem of why the anonymous-ftp upload cannot find my
GPG key even though it's in the debian keyring.

                                  ( bcwhite@pobox.com )

    That which we persist in doing becomes easier.  It's not that the nature
      of the thing has changed but rather our ability at it has increased.

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