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Re: [EVEN MORE OFFTOPIC] Re: /etc/shells management

* Steve Greenland 

| <rant>
| Except Solaris, whose /bin/sh doesn't support ~. Or aliases. Or brace
| expansion. Or the pattern matching expansions (i.e. ${VAR%foo} and
| friends). Or return outside of functions. Or shell arithmetic with let.
| Or '-p' for prompting on read. Etc. and so forth.

or «local», which leads to nice and clean code like:

#! /bin/sh

# SunOS /bin/sh is broken wrt local. *sigh*
if test "`uname -s`" = "SunOS" -a "$RUNNING_UNDER_BASH" = ""; then
    exec bash $0 "$@"

hoping that bash is somewhere in the path.

| </rant>

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