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Re: Bug#210650: libxine1: libraries not correctly linked

On Sep 13, Siggi Langauf <siggi@debian.org> wrote:

 >However, that was done intentionally (upstream): all X related functions
 >are _only_ called if xlibs are actually installed, which is necessary in
 >order to support setups without X11 (as used by fbxine and aaxine, for
Then it should use dlopen. With 13 symbols this is hardly difficult.
I do not think this bug should be downgraded, but I'm Cc'ing
debian-devel to read the opinions of other developers.

 >Right now, this feature is not supported by the Debian packages, as the
 >dependancy on "xlibs" is not made optional (ie. Recommends:). This is not
 >a problem ATM, however, it will be as soon as someone needs a (possibly
 >self-compiled) X-less front end. So while I guess the dependancy on
 >"xlibs" should be fixed, xine-lib should probably _not_ be linked against
 >libX11 or libXext, as this would break libxine on X-less systems.

ciao, |
Marco | [1773 do/MTCsy2FeDo]

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