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Bug 70132 (on atari-fdisk)

This is a very old FTBFS bug (28 Aug 2000), which was closed in 23 Aug
2003 and reopened in 3 Sep 2003. After this, Frank Lichtenheld comments:

> Hi.
> I verified that it builds correctly with an added Build-Depends to
> debhelper.
> But before producing a NMU patch I wonder if this package should be
> orphaned. Last upload 2 years ago was a NMU, a few simple to fix, long
> outstanding bugs...

I agree with Frank. This is quite an old bug, I also managed to build it
correctly with debhelper. I think this should be brought to
debian-devel. Does anyone object orphaning this package? Is anyone
willing to adopt it? It is a base package, priority required for m68k,
and otherosfs priority: extra for all other architectures. 


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