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Re: (Too?) many TCL versions in the archive

On Tue 09 Sep 2003, Andreas Rottmann wrote:
> I wonder why we need to have 4(!) (8.0, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4) different
> versions of the TCL programming environment in the archive. Other
> programming languages seem to have transition plans that ensure that
> packages build against the new versions of the language and then drop
> the old versions from the archive after some time. However, there
> still seem to be quite a lot packages that build against TCL 8.0. For
> the sake of minimizing disk and memory footprint for TCL application
> users, the number of TCL version built against should be minimal,
> ideally being 1.
> I'd like to hear some opinions from the TCL package maintainers here,
> but I think there should be (wishlist) bugs filed against all packages
> building against tcl8.X-dev, where X < 4.

At least the isdnvboxserver package failed miserably when linked to
tcl8.4 instead of tcl8.3. Apparently there's some issue with threading
in tcl8.4 which causes an exec to hang indefinitely.

See #194541 for more info (which was a bug on isdnvboxserver, but the
report contains links to other messages concerning the problem).

Paul Slootman

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