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Re: /etc/shells management

Branden Robinson wrote:
> I don't defend test(1) as a miracle of clarity, though.  -h is a
> synonym for -L.  Go figure.  :-/

I think you can blame BSD for that one.  IIRC test -h was the original
option used to test for a symlink.  Whoever wrote that test probably
did not like upper case letters for options.  The transition to -L did
not come until much later.  But by then all of the code that used BSD
had implemented -h but never heard of -L.  The implementation of -L
has been playing catchup ever since.

Today I can't find a system that does not implement 'test -L'.  But I
did find at least one commercial system that had not gotten around to
documenting it that they had done it.  So by reading the man page
there you would still be thinking that it had not.


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