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Re: Bug#211784: Not just nis...

On Mon, 2003-09-22 at 12:07, Cesar Eduardo Barros wrote:

[ cc'ing -devel due to the widespreadness of the problem ]

> I don't know, but I have seen this happen (and because of this I tend
> not to use restart; I use a manual stop/start, and let the extra delay
> caused by typing the options help). A lot. (I tend to use either slow
> boxes or underpowered boxen, or even both)

If restart fails, file an "important" bug. See Policy 9.3.2.

> I have also seen scripts with things like "sleep 1" or "sleep 5" in them
> in the restart case (try "fgrep sleep -r /etc/init.d" to see what I
> mean).

Most of those, I'm pretty sure, are bugs. UGH! Even the skeleton file
has them...
> I don't believe start-stop-daemon has any guarantees about the process
> finishing; the man page only says it sends a signal

> (btw, the manpage
> has those ugly non-escaped hyphens).

file a bug.

> --retry with a infinite timeout
> (which nobody does) would be a way to avoid the races (but then you have
> issues on shutdown with processes stuck in unkillable states...)

--retry should probably be used to give it a few tries (maybe 10 seconds
at most) and then, depending on the daemon, either SIGKILL it or have
the init.d script return a failure.

i.e., if postgres fails to shut down, wait or fail. If inetd fails,
murder it.

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