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Re: Bug#211512: RFA: kernel-patch-lpp -- Display a graphical boot-screen with progress bar

On Thursday 18 September 2003 09:31, Gordon Fraser wrote:
> Maybe the time would be better spent to support the bootsplash ITPs
> #190560 or #188439 though as that would be a nicer replacement for
> LPP.

I have a working package for the bootsplash kernel module[1] , but it still 
need some documentation. I'm currently working on splashutils in my spare 
time, but will be quite offline from tomorrow until some time in early 
october, so even if both packages are ready in the meanwhile, I probably 
won't be able to upload them for someone to sponsor them.

OTOH, while at it, I hacked a bit bootsplash so that the splash files 
("compiled" with the splash utility) can be stored within a cramfs initrd 
instead of just concatenate it at the end, which means you can add these 
files names in /etc/mkinitrd/files. This hack has only been tested on x86, I 
wonder if there are any endian (or other) issues on other architectures. So, 
if some non-x86 users could give it a little try ;).



[1] http://glandium.nerim.net/debian/unstable/

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