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Re: /etc/shells management

Sorry to give offense, Manoj.  I should have grepped the whole chapter
before wondering about "<unknown>", and I should have mentioned that I
really just use section 6.4 most of the time (because I *think* I
remember what each of the cases are for).

The fact that a non-version-number string literal with shell redirection
operators in it was a valid value of "old-version", "new-version",
"most-recently-configured-version", and so forth, did not occur to me.

I'd propose a Policy amendment dropping support for this long-obsolete
dpkg behavior, but I reckon I've lost my Policy-amendment-proposing
credentials in your eyes.

I do continue to think that:

if [ -n "$var" ]

is more readable than

if [ "${var+set}" = "set" ]

...but I remain open to being directed to a section of the Policy manual
that firmly establishes my wrongness on that front as well.  :)

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