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Re: Bug#192101: We need gnucash in stable

Hi, Steve Langasek wrote:

> What you are overlooking is that the main bug causing build failures for
> gnucash is NOT architecture specific; rather, the potential for a build
> failure appears to exist on all architectures, but the use of a
> *pseudo*-RNG for generating test data tends to result in certain corner
> cases being reliably hit in some build environments, and reliably missed
> in others.

... or not. In fact, the bug says quite clearly that the test currently
passes on x86 _only_ because it does 200 iterations of <whatever>, and
increasing that number makes it fail on iteration 244.  :-(

Interestingly (also stated in bug 192101), it seems to work on RedHat. 

So there's definitely something wrong there, and playing with
Architecture: will _not_ be helpful for anybody.

I agree that gnucash is important. I use it myself. ;-)  However, if it's
that important then there's two more months to hunt down that bug...

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