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(Too?) many TCL versions in the archive


I wonder why we need to have 4(!) (8.0, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4) different
versions of the TCL programming environment in the archive. Other
programming languages seem to have transition plans that ensure that
packages build against the new versions of the language and then drop
the old versions from the archive after some time. However, there
still seem to be quite a lot packages that build against TCL 8.0. For
the sake of minimizing disk and memory footprint for TCL application
users, the number of TCL version built against should be minimal,
ideally being 1.

I'd like to hear some opinions from the TCL package maintainers here,
but I think there should be (wishlist) bugs filed against all packages
building against tcl8.X-dev, where X < 4.

Regards, Andy
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