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Re: alsa-tools

Hi Robert!

Am 2003-09-06 14:39 +0200 schrieb Robert Epprecht:
> Will alsa-tools be packaged for Debian?
> I would appreciate that *very much*.

There is currently no "request for packaging" for alsa-tools. If you
would like to see it, then please do file such a bug for it. Please
see http://bugs.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting how to do that or use
reportbug (the recommended way). Please do not forget to include an
upstream URL and a proper description.

> (I'm fighting with the installation of a RME DSC pci card and multiface,
>  and could not compile hdspmixer yet... hdsploader behaves strange too).

Small compiling issues might be sorted out when packaging it, but if
the programs do not work properly, then they are probably not a good
candidate for putting them into Debian.

Have a nice weekend!

Martin Pitt
home:  www.piware.de
eMail: martin@piware.de

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