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Re: Bug#210650: libxine1: libraries not correctly linked

On Sat, 13 Sep 2003, Siggi Langauf wrote:
> On Sat, 13 Sep 2003, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> > Please fix the package.  Upstream is doing things upstream thinks are right,
> > which quite often is not the case within Debian.  In this case, they are
> > indeed quite wrong.  You *HAVE* TO LINK ANY LIBRARIES YOUR LIB _MIGHT_ NEED
> Are you sure you have understood that xine lib MIGHT NOT EVEN POSSIBLY
> EVER NEED any X libraries _unless_ the hosting application does use them
> (and therefore is already linked against them, which makes them
> available)?

I am not 100% sure. Here's what I understood: the problem is that libxine
needs to touch the xlib stuff if the app links to x libs.

Thus we have 2 possibilities:

1. the app doesn't link to x libs
   - xine does need to be linked to x libs
2. the app links to x libs
   - xine MUST be linked to x libs.

Now, unless 1 above is actually "cannot", you can always link the x libs
(even if they are never going to be used anyway).  This works, but wastes
memory... if nothing else is using the x libs (which is very unlikely, but

If the above is false, then disregard my comments, please. Otherwise, why
not just go with the safest, simplest solution of always linking in the X

> The actual issue is the Xv checking code in src/xine-util/xine_check.c,
> which must be explicitly called by the application as
> xine_health_check(&result, CHECK_XV);
> In that case, dlopen()ing the appropriate libs may in fact be the most
> feasible solution, especially as the function is typically only called
> once the first time user starts gxine. (Other front ends don't use this
> health_check mess. Maybe disabling this code is a better idea...)

If the code doesn't do anything really useful, yes, disabling it IS the best
idea :-)

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