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Re: (Too?) many TCL versions in the archive

"Larry W. Virden" <lvirden@cas.org> writes:

> Do defect reports about not compiling with the latest C compiler, or
> not linking against the latest C libraries, etc. also just get closed
> if someone doesn't have a patch to fix the problem?

The problem is that in many respects, the tcl api is a totally
different api with each version change.  It's not as though you can
point to something and say "there, if you follow this good practice,
your application will continue to build with tcl in the future".
Everything changes.  Contrast this with the C compiler, where one is
not usually asked to rewrite it with every release.

On that note, if anyone has a way to get tkdesk to work with the
latest tcl, I'd love to see it.  Upstream seems to have gone
completely silent.

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