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Re: alsa-tools

Hi Robert!

Am 2003-09-06 16:29 +0200 schrieb Robert Epprecht:
> OK, I'll probably do that, but will enquire first a bit more, and do
> some more RTFM ;-)

Oh, I will help you if you are unfamiliar with it, but we should do
that by private mail.

> > Small compiling issues might be sorted out when packaging it, but if
> > the programs do not work properly, then they are probably not a good
> > candidate for putting them into Debian.
> I think the programs are ok, but my experience is not really up to the
> task. But I'm slowly moving...

Allright. Well, filing a request for package does not hurt, the
packager has to evaluate the program's maturity.

Have a nice weekend,

Martin Pitt
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