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Re: Re: apt-get internals help

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On Sat, Sep 06, 2003 at 11:40:34AM +0300, George Danchev wrote:

>>> On Saturday 06 September 2003 07:34, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>>> You cannot hope to write a script smart enough to modify an arbitrary
>>> debian/rules to do what you want.  What you need to do is to come up with 
>>> useful standard for passing this kind of option to debian/rules, and 
>>> packages to support it.
>> It might be easier if more debian/rules files respect DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.
>> I'm not sure what the policies say about that, but could that be a standard 

>DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS is for generic options which apply to almost any package.
>What you want are package-specific options, like enabling or disabling
>features.  An environment variable would be a reasonable way to implement
>it, but I think it should be separate from DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.

Sorry, I meant to follow this but I am not subscribed to the list - please cc 
me in your response.

A script does not have to be *too* intellegent to do this - adding an 
environment variable to the rules package at the configure line should 
suffice. At this point (at least from all the packages I've torn apart and 
looked at), it appears that it will work. The only problem will come when 
there are conflicting configure commands... i.e. " --with-package 
- --disable-package" . I *believe* the last configure options passed will take 
precedence, so the ENV var I will use will go towards the end. Dirty, but it 
will work. If I am wrong, please let me know.

I will not use DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS - it will be a temporary var called 
DEB_CONF_FLAGS - only used for the nefarious purposes of adding "bloat" and 
"extra features" to your packages.

As to modifying packages, I am compiling a seperate file that lists Package: 
and Flags, with optional flags as well. I am stealing most of the flags from 
Gentoo Portage - their ebuilds list USE (IUSE) flags for each package, so why 
dig through and do the dirty work again? In fact, the process of declaring 
what you wish to use is, at this point, very similiar to gentoo's use system.

Whether you think it will work or not, we are going to do it. It won't be 
pretty (overnight), but we're talking about a 0.0.1 implementation here - 
proof of concept. 

I will do what I can "beyond the boundaries of fantasia" and you can either 
use it or not. If you still don't like it - well, you don't have to use it. 

I appreciate the ideas that some have posted. Thanks for your help! You can 
keep track of the progress (or help out!) at www.debtoo.org - we have cvs and 
a new website coming soon. We've already modified apt-build to include CFLAGS 
and CXXFLAGS and you can (mostly) rebuild your (optimized) system with your 
own -Ox and -march flags. It's just these stupid configure flags that are 
getting sticky..

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