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Re: "non-free" software included in contrib

On 31 Aug 2003 17:51:42 +0200, Mathieu Roy <yeupou@gnu.org> said: 

> But now we're discussing about it and I express my opinion: since
> these packages in their postinst script install non-free stuff, I
> think that even if there's no non-free stuff within the packages
> themselves, the result of the installation of these packages (and
> not their dependancies!) is to get non-free stuff. And so, it leads
> me to the conclusion that, whatever the fact that the non-free part
> is downloaded at the same time than the debian package or not, this
> package itself contains non-free stuff.

	This is no different from any package in contrib that actually
 depends on non-free software. You seem to be implying that contrib is
 only supposed to be composed of software that may build depend on
 non-free packages, but may not depend on, or install, non-free

	That is not how contrib is defined, sorry.

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