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apt-get'able Release file format

	In looking to try and setup pinning on a couple of my machines I went
looking at the Release files for the various sites I use... For the most
part I found them to have a similar suite of attributes to work from but
I did notice a difference betwen "Components" and "Component" and just
trying to figure out which is the correct one...

	In my looking I check'd out http.us.debian.org, debian.seabone.net and
security.debian.org... The IPv6 repository was the one in question that
used "Component" while the others used the plural version... Although
obviously the values after it were plural in the case of the other or
does it not matter? I'm just trying to better understand it so I can
setup pinning myself personally but also to setup the apt-get'able
repositories I make use of...


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