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Re: Re: apt-get internals help

On Wed, 2003-09-10 at 19:34, Matt Chorman wrote:

> I will not use DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS - it will be a temporary var called 
> DEB_CONF_FLAGS - only used for the nefarious purposes of adding "bloat" and 
> "extra features" to your packages.
> As to modifying packages, I am compiling a seperate file that lists Package: 
> and Flags, with optional flags as well. I am stealing most of the flags from 
> Gentoo Portage - their ebuilds list USE (IUSE) flags for each package, so why 
> dig through and do the dirty work again? In fact, the process of declaring 
> what you wish to use is, at this point, very similiar to gentoo's use system.

Honestly, I think your best bet would be to modify the packages to use
CDBS.  I designed it after looking at how Gentoo did things, and I
picked up what I think are the good ideas from there.

Then all you have to do is set DEB_CONFIGURE_USER_FLAGS to add extra

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