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[no subject] "Finish" now translatable in partitioner "Finish" still not translated in partitioner "Go back" ineffective when choosing languages Re:%20Debian 3 - white screen and lock up during system setup - HELP (refund-)books closed on d-i development meeting in oldenburg *-di kernels break multi-kernel bootimage support. /etc/mailname 1 more file 4 PT translation 1.44 meg boot disk problem 2 more files for PT translation Re: 2.6 debian-installer 2.6 DI 2.6 support 打印机耗材成本节省方案!~~ 全球骗术揭密(骗子曝光台) 网上查询到贵公司的资料 围城会所-激情成人交友站-邀请您加入++++ Re:Somatropin in a capsule Your p\rescription delivered to your house by tomorrow! Rappel pour les abonnements aux listes sur Супер предложение по выделенным серверам Re: [ Re: plans for d-i string freeze] Re: [cdebconf] Drop unsupported frontends Re: [Fwd: Alpha Debian Netinst] [INTL:zh_CN] Simplified Chinese translation for base-config [PATCH] build/get-packages: typos About bterm font Ancient archives? anna_0.045_i386.changes ACCEPTED anna_0.046_i386.changes ACCEPTED anna_0.047_i386.changes ACCEPTED anna_0.048_i386.changes ACCEPTED Anonymous CVS access disabled? Another file for PT translation another file por PT translation another translated file for d-i PT aptitude defaults for d-i Re: aptitude, was: generally successful install report from usb keychain Arch: all udebs generated by binary-arch targets architectures status ARM library reduction issue ARM/i386 library reduction issue as we wrap up the string freeze.. ASUS P5A-B (166 MHz) can not boot autopartkit_0.69_i386.changes ACCEPTED autopartkit_0.70_i386.changes ACCEPTED autopartkit_0.71_i386.changes ACCEPTED AXP (alpha) install cd iso, which cd is bf2.4? base-config 2.0 base-config aptitude dependency problem base-config CVS relocated base-config cvs restored base-config template polishing base-config/debian README.Debian,1.4,1.5 TODO,1.18,1.19 changelog,1.222,1.223 control,1.58,1.59 copyright,1.5,1.6 logrotate,1.2,1.3 postinst,1.41,1.42 postrm,1.2,1.3 rules,1.42,1.43 templates,1.47,1.48 base-config/debian/po templates.pot,1.8,1.9 base-config/lib 00dbootstrap_settings,1.4,NONE 05blank,1.2,NONE 10intro,1.2,NONE 12console-tools,1.4,NONE 15tzconfig,1.2,NONE 20passwd,1.3,NONE 25hostname,1.3,NONE 30pon,1.5,NONE 40apt-setup,1.3,NONE 55popcon,1.1,NONE 57Xhack,1.3,NONE 60pkgsel,1.4,NONE 75apt-get,1.19,NONE 77Xhack,1.3,NONE 77exim,1.7,NONE 80poff,1.2,NONE 90final-messages,1.4,NONE 95blank,1.1,NONE 97start-xdm,1.4,NONE 98s390,1.1,NONE 99inittab,1.3,NONE base-config/lib prep-menu,NONE,1.1 show-menu,NONE,1.1 base-config/lib/menu apt-get,NONE,1.1 apt-get.mnu,NONE,1.1 apt-setup,NONE,1.1 apt-setup.mnu,NONE,1.1 finish,NONE,1.1 finish.mnu,NONE,1.1 hostname,NONE,1.1 hostname.mnu,NONE,1.1 intro,NONE,1.1 intro.mnu,NONE,1.1 keyboard,NONE,1.1 keyboard.mnu,NONE,1.1 mta,NONE,1.1 mta.mnu,NONE,1.1 passwd,NONE,1.1 passwd.mnu,NONE,1.1 pkgsel,NONE,1.1 pkgsel.mnu,NONE,1.1 pon,NONE,1.1 pon.mnu,NONE,1.1 shell,NONE,1.1 shell.mnu,NONE,1.1 timezone,NONE,1.1 timezone.mnu,NONE,1.1 base-config/po da.po,1.7,1.8 es.po,1.5,1.6 fi.po,1.1,1.2 fr.po,1.6,1.7 ja.po,1.5,1.6 nl.po,1.5,1.6 no.po,1.2,1.3 base-config_2.00_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.01_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.02_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.03_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.04_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.041_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.042_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.043_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.044_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.045_i386.changes ACCEPTED baseconfig po file baseconfig-udeb_0.021_i386.changes ACCEPTED baseconfig-udeb_0.022_i386.changes ACCEPTED baseconfig-udeb_0.023_i386.changes ACCEPTED beta install i386 beta testing BIDI Status in Debina Installer Boiling Point Bootable Mini, vanilla-3.0.23-mini.iso on floppy Booting netinst from SCSI CDROM fails Booting with Qlogic Fiber Channel Cards Re: Bosnian iso-image po file corrected Bug#110722: marked as done (Offering PPP seems silly since eth0 was already used to install base system) Bug#120481: marked as done (base-config: 'edit sources.list byhand' option starts from a blank file) Bug#127515: marked as done (boot-floppies: modprobe errors flashing by) Bug#127678: marked as done (base-config does not notice when ppp link goes down) Bug#135625: marked as done (console-data: base-config does not run console-data configure to select keymap) Bug#152152: 151997 Get them here USA approved meds Bug#154197: marked as done (base-config: tzconfig and passwd should source /root/dbootstrap_settings) Bug#155371: marked as done (boot-floppies: /dev/cdrom "cannot autodetect" misleading when no media) Bug#159541: acknowledged by developer (closing) Bug#159541: marked as done (base-config: Time zone GMT fix goes wrong way) Bug#159544: marked as done (base-config: Annoyingly hard to fix minor slips) Bug#173390: terminal width broken Bug#185424: heh Bug#186594: why is #186594 assigned to netcfg? Bug#192232: patch for getting modconf work for 2.4/2.6 kernels Bug#192305: marked as done ("q to end, b for begin" ambiguous) Bug#194688: marked as done (Base-Config Uninstalled Too Soon, Havoc) Re: Bug#195704: {Virus?} Newest Internet Critical Patch Bug#197073: marked as done (On reboot after install, stuck in loop "Loading /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz") Bug#201396: anna: udebs in udeb_exclude will be installed anyway Bug#201707: marked as done (hostname configuration should be relayed to base-config) Bug#206531: marked as done (Problems building d-i after upgrading Sid chroot) Re: Bug#209240: NMU proposal for discover (i18n issues) Bug#209403: marked as done (apt-setup: Change logic for asking about 'contrib') Bug#210007: marked as done (The package description does not follow Debian policy) Bug#211587: Installation from sid/sarge CD/DVD fails completely Bug#212143: /etc/mailname as well Bug#212143: marked as done (selected hostname is not retained after reboot) Bug#212143: netcfg mailname Bug#212440: marked as done (d-i selected keymap is not retained after reboot) Bug#212448: marked as done (d-i selected German keymap is not retained after reboot, though it is in debootstrap_settings) Bug#213175: marked as done (main-menu: Add Reboot item to main menu) Bug#214347: marked as done (russian PO-file translation for elilo-installer package) Bug#214491: [ Re: Bug#221533: install fails - "couldn't download exim4"] Bug#215169: marked as done (need find in busybox-cvs-floppy-udeb) Bug#215612: fixed upstream Bug#215613: marked as done (need loop mount support in udeb) Bug#216435: fixed upstream Bug#216528: marked as done (busybox-cvs doesn't build on s390) Bug#216528: Patch for busybox-cvs compilation Bug#216756: marked as done (busybox-cvs udeb: /linuxrc is obsolete and breaks d-i) Bug#216950: marked as done (nmu diff) Bug#216986: marked as done (does not include freeramdisk) Bug#21698: patch? Bug#217270: debian-installer fails on P4P800-VM Asus (serial ATA) Bug#217814: marked as done (base-config: previously downloaded package files get deleted) Bug#218342: palo-installer: Debconf templates polishing Bug#218568: marked as done (elilo-installer: Debconf templates polishing) Bug#218617: marked as done (netcfg: No network config in sarge netinstall) Bug#218844: marked as done (newt frontend button selection glitch) Bug#218870: marked as done (needs to install kernel-pcmcia-modules-xxx for i386) Bug#219290: [d-i] No USB keyboard after reboot Bug#219309: marked as done (should depend on ethernet-card-detection) Bug#219469: marked as done (ddetect: Debconf templates polishing) Bug#219471: marked as done (lvmcfg: Debconf templates rewrite) Bug#219472: marked as done (iso-scan: Debconf templates polishing) Bug#219633: marked as done (netcfg: Debconf templates polishing) Bug#219667: partconf: should be able to handle LVM Bug#219765: marked as done (Languagechooser 1.03 dies on mipsel) Bug#219879: marked as done (linux-kernel-di: please include jfs modules) Bug#220120: similar suggestion Bug#220128: marked as done (add cancel to dhcp or submenu for dhcp/static configuration) Bug#220181: marked as done (utils: Debconf templates polishing) Bug#220182: marked as done (netcfg: Please re-order the TCP/IP configuration questions) Bug#220188: bug partially solved Bug#220198: installation: proper sata support needed Bug#220202: Install report: IDE floppy boot fails Bug#220258: marked as done (partitioner: fails on priority critical) Bug#220264: d-i report: DHCP, wrong button sort order Bug#220265: marked as done (cdebconf-newt-udeb: buttons have wrong tab ordering) Bug#220268: Yor installation report Bug#220449: marked as done (main-menu: Debconf templates polishing) Bug#220477: more information needed on install report Bug#220907: installation-reports: Install on IBM Thinkpad T40p Bug#220966: Inspiron 8500: b44, iwconfig, Bug#220971: installation-reports: Trouble installing with ISA NE2000 network card Bug#221031: marked as done (debian-installer: Accept udebs from local mirror with file: URL) Bug#221046: bootfloppy-image, proxy, without CD Bug#221167: marked as done (cds lack suport for common scsi controllers like the sym53c8xx) Bug#221203: marked as done (debian-installer: Minor error in debconf template "netcfg-no_interfaces") Bug#221216: marked as done (partconf: Invalid character in german debconf translation) Bug#221445: marked as done (russian PO-file translation for base-config package) Bug#221504: Install on HP ZE5155 Bug#221533: install fails - "couldn't download exim4" Bug#221534: debian-installer: FTBFS mips (in a good way) Bug#221534: marked as done (debian-installer: FTBFS mips (in a good way)) Bug#221648: marked as done (russian PO-file translation for ddetect package) Bug#221655: marked as done (russian PO-file translation for main-menu package) Bug#221716: marked as done (pcmcia-udeb not loaded during CD install; pcmcia does work after install either) Bug#221824: marked as done (russian PO-file translation for netcfg package) Re: Bug#221907: no need to always install pcmcia-cs for d-i Bug#221908: generated lilo.conf doesn't support symlink rotation Bug#221932: marked as done (Sarge debian-installer defaults to Dvorak keyboard settings) Bug#221984: marked as done (dlink 660 pcmcia card not recognised on CD install; pcmcia-cs-udeb not loaded) Bug#222260: installation-reports: improper CDROM device symlinks Bug#222374: d-i melts screen on sis 630 laptop Bug#222374: reassign to kernel Bug#222386: busybox-cvs: umount does not accept the -n option Bug#222386: marked as done (busybox-cvs: umount does not accept the -n option) Bug#222429: marked as done (installation-reports: problems with floppy images (boots only partially)) Bug#222458: installation-reports: installation report could not load driver ide-mod ide-probe-mod ide-floppy Bug#222500: The state engine has (i mean.. had :) some problems. Bug#222506: anna: reinstall packages when new packages depend on them. Bug#222517: installation-reports: Almost perfectly sucessful install Bug#222573: anna: reinstall packages when new packages depend on them. Bug#222574: contains /var/cache/cdebconf/questions and templates dirs that are unused Bug#222576: debconf-copydb / debconf-dumpdb are unused Bug#222607: (no subject) Bug#222630: ext2 is the wrong default for partconf/create-filesystem Bug#222631: /etc/mailname is "(none)" Bug#222631: marked as done (/etc/mailname is "(none)") Bug#222718: re-running menu item is a trap you cannot get out of Bug#222723: installation-reports: Sarge installer 2003-11-16: udpkg error with shared libraries (wrong versions) Bug#222724: cdrom mounting all inconsistent and screwey Bug#222775: Attempt on Dell Latitude CSx -- PCMCIA NIC problems Bug#222775: marked as done (pcmcia-udeb not loaded during CD install; pcmcia does work after install either) Bug#222791: INSTALL REPORT - problems Bug#222939: installation-reports: d-i installation report: boots from cdrom, but then fails to mount it Bug#222943: modconf: Getting ride of the sed dependency (as seen in the TODO File) [patch included] Bug#223049: Error logs lacking Bug#223086: baseconfig-udeb: should create the .udeb in binary-indep Bug#223087: cdrom-detect: should use binary-indep, not binary-arch Bug#223088: prebaseconfig: should use binary-indep, not binary-arch Bug#223090: iso-scan: should use binary-indep, not binary-arch Bug#223092: userdevfs: binary-arch target should not do anything Bug#223344: debconf-set and debconf-get clear the screen Bug#223388: find-partitions dosn't report the right type for 0x8E (LVM) partitions Bug#223491: s390-dasd: Debconf templates final(?) polishing Bug#223624: Installer Report - CD boot problem, IDE_SCSI module prevents IDE CDROM mounting, and inflexibility in options - but good hardware detection and working sound. Bug#223624: Installer Report - CD boot problem, IDE_SCSI module prevents IDE CDROM mounting, and inflexibility in options - but good hardware detection and working sound. Bug#223664: base-config: root password not stored in md5 Bug#223679: lilo-installer: Sets do_bootloader=no in kernel-img.conf Bug#223679: marked as done (lilo-installer: Sets do_bootloader=no in kernel-img.conf) Bug#223731: base-config: French debconf translation update Bug#223731: marked as done (base-config: French debconf translation update) Bug#223742: base-config: description is no longer accurate (about removal with no ill effects) Bug#223743: Repartitioning after mounting leads to a lockup state Bug#223747: Package misclassified with misleading description Bug#223762: English l10n Bug#223762: marked as done (netcfg: Debconf templates polishing - 2nd round) Bug#223762: netcfg: Debconf templates polishing - 2nd round Bug#223770: marked as done (Wget status bar still not enabled in udeb) Bug#223770: Wget status bar still not enabled in udeb Bug#223773: busybox-cvs-static: FTBFS on i386 Bug#223773: marked as done (busybox-cvs-static: FTBFS on i386) Bug#223975: DEBOOTSTRAP uscito in maniera anomala Bug#224027: bterm-unifont: Please create ".deb" package also Bug#224065: Package: installation-reports Bug#224073: mklibs: reports broken libraries very ugly Bug#224121: apt-setup hangs if debian-non-us is not available Bug#224131: marked as done (netcfg: Changes to templates for clearer choices offered) Bug#224131: netcfg: Changes to templates for clearer choices offered Bug#224174: base-config: Polish PO-file translation Bug#224174: marked as done (base-config: Polish PO-file translation) Bug#224226: debian-installer: Needs to install language specific packages Bug#224227: debian-installer: Need to loading unifont of full-version Bug#224277: autopartkit: New German Translation Bug#224277: marked as done (autopartkit: New German Translation) Bug#224278: base-installer: New Translation to German Bug#224278: marked as done (base-installer: New Translation to German) Bug#224278: Submitted de.po file for base-installer has 9 fuzzy strings Bug#224285: wrong characters in keyboard layout selection Bug#224320: cdebconf: updated german translation Bug#224320: marked as done (cdebconf: updated german translation) Bug#224328: cdebconf: Updated translation to german Bug#224328: Proposed translation for anna has fuzzy strings while the current one seems OK Bug#224329: baseconfig-udeb: Updated german translation Bug#224329: marked as done (baseconfig-udeb: Updated german translation) Bug#224330: choose-mirror: Updated german translation Bug#224330: marked as done (choose-mirror: Updated german translation) Bug#224330: Several outdated strings in german translation for choose-mirror Bug#224333: modconf: 'install this module in the kernel yes/no' dialog missing word 'kernel' Bug#224368: installation report: success with problems Bug#224398: (no subject) Bug#224403: Installation report Bug#224469: Time to remove boot-floppies from unstable? Bug#224493: partconf: msgid "Create %s filesystem" is provided, but isn't used. Bug#224494: ide-detect lockup Bug#224494: installation-reports: Gateway E-6100 ide-detect lockup Bug#224528: cdrom-detect: confused /dev/hdc /dev/sr0 Bug#224528: d-i feedback CDROM drives Bug#224620: dhcp & lvm problems, partconf & GRUB wishlist The last update was on 07:29 GMT Sun May 24. There are 1879 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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