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Re: 1.44 meg boot disk problem

On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 10:07:55AM -0500, James Caballero wrote:
> I downloaded all 20 of the files from the following link:
> http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/dists/stable/main/disks-i386/base-images-3.0
> .23-2002-07-18/images-1.44/
> The installation proceeds fine until I put the Base-18.bin disk in. The
> installation software informs me that I have put the Base-17.bin disk in,
> and when I hit enter, I am forced to go back to the beginning of the Base
> installation section.
> I went back to the link above and made a new floppy, making sure that I
> downloaded Base-18.bin and went through the entire install again. Again I
> had the same, exact, problem. Is it possible that the file named Base-18.bin
> at the above link is mistakenly Base-17.bin? I think it is.

No, the base-17 file has 17 of 20 inside it and the 18 one has
18 of 20 (checked with a binary editor).

Here are the md5sums I get from the downloaded files:

a56b386132512c7e8bdd334d2af2f593  /home/toff/base-17.bin
c2d1e669d65a7a4a4b20fbcd5eae4894  /home/toff/base-18.bin

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