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Re: 2.6 debian-installer

Marco d'Itri wrote:
   * Revise Hotplug pci.rc to use the sysfs mechanism to identify PCI
     devices and thus make it 2.6 compatible.
I did, but upstream is very slow at accepting patches.
I also removed all bashisms.
Please send the patches to me.
   * Add these facilities to hotplug:
         o Detect parallel ports. Load the drivers first, then probe them.
         o Detect serial ports. Again, load the drivers first, then
         o Detect monitors on video cards.
These are not jobs for hotplug, as the kernel does not provide plug
events for these devices.
Plug events aren't provided for boot-time devices, they are enumerated, and all of their plug events are synthesized by their hotplug <bus>.rc scripts. Currently tty devices are enumerated as a class under /sys/class, but not as bus devices. Parallel ports aren't enumerated at all. I will look at enumerating platform and ISA bus devices (I haven't tried the ISA PNP driver). PCI VGA cards are enumerated, and get hotplug events if you have a hot-plug PCI. Once we get an event for them, I think it is OK to query them for their monitor.
   * Add udev to the installer.
It's not even remotely ready for production.

OK, I downloaded that.



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